Your Source For Precious Metals Reclamation

Your old and obsolete circuit boards, connectors and other parts...
...can equal a mother load of extra cash each and very month!

Whatever you do, don't pay anyone to come to your company and haul away your old obsolete circuit boards, connectors or other parts. We will evaluate your "trash" materials and tell you if there is a value in what your hauling away. If there is, Aurum Assembly's Precious Metals Division will pick up what you have, process it for precious metals and split the profits with you at the end of each month!

We do the work and you make the money!

If there is Copper, Gold, Nickel, Platinum, Palladium or Silver, we'll find it and share the proceeds with your company.

This is a tremendous way for you to realize possible extra cash for your company as a whole or for specific departments.

Call us for details at (858) 578-8710